The unique approach of learning at ICS - An Introduction

At ICS, we are committed to providing the best efficient methods for students. Our methods include


Wonderlearn is a patented education system implemented by our Director, Biju Thankappan. The system is proven to boost memory power and brain speed of students. The system is practiced in 12+ countries all over the world under the guidance of Biju Thankappan,

CAM - Concept Adding Methodology

A new concept to reduce the strain, stress and tension among students in their subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Found highly helpful to entrance students.

9- Magics

Our brains are made speedier than calculators using the right brain and left brain in a specialized way. This develops an eager to learn in students.

Music Therapy

 The particular arrangement of ragas among students make their minds pleasant and happy aiding to learn well. Its a confidence booster for students.

Mind Locking System

To remember the learned things without forgetting. the concepts get locked in the minds of the students.


  • Bank Coaching
  • UPSC SSC RAILWAY Exam Coaching
  • Medical- Engineering Entrance
  • Civil Service Coaching
  • WonderLearn Training - Boosts memory power, brain power, concentration, brain speed by coordinating left and right brain, after this training student become expert in learning their subjects. 
  • Separate sessions for classes 5- 10, +1 +2 , College Going, Medical Entrance preparing students and for competitive exams like bank etc
The WONDERLEARN system is divided into 3 modules
  1.  Wonder Learn Basics -20hrs
  2.  Wonder Learn Foundation-30 hrs
  3.  Syllabi  (depends on course)

If you are looking for a scientifical approach to learning feel free to contact us at  +91 9846183735.

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